Arguably, as soon as you create your LLC or corporation, business owners should focus on how to grow from a small local business to a local brand. The goal is the have your brand name/logo become synonymous with the services you provide.

Learning how to grow your business and local SEO is a top priority for most business owners. This is typically a must for your business survival and financial wellbeing. Given its importance, what can you do to turn your local business into the national brand you want?

All of the suggestions below have been successfully utilized by other small businesses. As such, with time and effort, these methods should work for you and your business as well.

1.     Saturate Your Existing Market

When you mull over ways to grow your business, the very first thing that most owners consider is attracting new consumers. However, the clients you already have are actually your best choice for increasing your sales. It’s easier to attract individuals who are currently purchasing from you than it is to attract new clients and persuade them to purchase from you.

Discovering and promoting brand-new uses for your product and services is a great way to attract existing consumers. This likewise will draw in new customers. Overall, make sure you focus some of your marketing efforts on customer retention.  

2.     Give back to your Local Community

Business owners should focus on building brand awareness. Giving back to your local community through charity is a great way to attract new business and raise brand awareness. Additionally, consider sponsorships or participating in a community event to raise your business awareness. Having your brand listed online as a sponsor to events also will likewise increase your web awareness and local SEO.   

3.     Request for Referrals from Existing Customers

Of course, bringing in brand-new clients to your business is never a bad approach. Don’t assume that your clients and customers are telling your friends about your business, even if you have excellent products and fantastic client service. Instead, you have to actively seek referrals.

4.     Grow Your Market Reach

The most obvious way to increase your market reach is to open stores or franchises in new places. If you have a successful business model and can develop a system that guarantees that other business owners can duplicate your success in another location, franchising may be an easy way to grow your business to a national brand.

As online retailers dominate a good number of industries, no business can overlook the importance of having an online presence and/or store.  To that point, businesses must invest in increasing their market reach through comprehensive digital marketing efforts.

As a wide range of consumers is online, don’t get fooled into thinking, digital marketing is only for targeting younger customers. When you decide to enter a new market, you should tailor your local SEO and digital marketing to that audience.  You should advertise on your chosen platform as soon as you’ve identified a new market or niche.

5.     Participate in Trade Shows

Trade show exhibitions can be a great way to grow your business. They can strongly enhance your bottom line because trade programs draw attention from individuals who are already interested in the types of services or products that your company offers. The technique is to select the trade convention you get involved in thoroughly, seeking the best match for your product and services.

6.     Conquer Your Niche Market

A business niche market is a narrowly defined type of customers. They are generally subsets of a larger market. For example, you can have a photographer (general market), or you can have a wedding photographer (niche). Frequently, niche customers have narrowly defined needs and requirements. This makes it easier for businesses to grow if they focus on providing solutions. When you focus on your niche market, you will inevitably come up in Google searches. Thus, your brand will become synonymous with a certain product or service.

7.     Focus on optimizing Your Local SEO on Your Website

Local SEO is important for Google rankings. That is because most consumers go online looking for businesses located near them. While it is true that Local SEO tends to be confusing for some business owners, it’s still worth the time and investment. Don’t worry if you find yourself totally confused by the process, or you don’t have the time to figure it out. This is a task that can be easily outsourced.

Whether you are a law firm looking to someone to provide local SEO for lawyers service, or a small business looking for a real estate lawyer looking for help to review a commercial lease, local SEO is an excellent investment in both scenarios.

However, business owners shouldn’t stop at the local SEO targeting. SEO should be a part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. By having a plan, each platform works for the benefit of the other. Likewise, business owners can ensure that they are conveying a cohesive brand message. As such, you should have a digital marketing strategy for your ads, websites, and social media platforms.

8.     Use social media

Social media is a powerful tool in promoting your business. You can gain important insight through a ‘social audience.’ Through social listening, you can learn what customers are saying about you, get insight into their behavior. Likewise, you can identify keywords and trends that attract your target audience, and so enhance your customer service and local SEO. Social networks can help you to construct your business profile and bring in brand-new consumers.

Do not this list overwhelm you. Instead, choose one or two strategies that are ideal for your business and develop a marketing plan. 

It’s exceedingly rare for businesses to grow from a small local business to a national brand overnight, no matter which strategy you implement. However, in general, you will see progress if you keep at it. The important thing is the implement a way to measure your success with each strategy. If, after a good faith effort, this strategy is not helping you meet your business goals, don’t be afraid to try another strategy. Business growth happens through trial and error.